VitalSleep Review 2024: Stopped My Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Does your partner keep you up all night with loud snoring? Do you wake up exhausted no matter how long you sleep? You may be dealing with sleep apnea. I know my wife suffered for years with this frustrating condition before finding an effective solution.

In this VitalSleep anti-snoring mouthpiece review, I’ll share how this simple oral appliance ended my wife’s decade-long struggle with snoring and apnea episodes. Read on for details on the Pros and cons of VitalSleep based on our experience.

What is VitalSleep?

VitalSleep is an mandibular advancement device cleared by the FDA to treat snoring and mild to moderate sleep apnea. This custom-fit oral appliance gently shifts the lower jaw forward to open up the airway during sleep. This stops loud snoring and prevents oxygen drops from apnea events. 

Unlike cumbersome CPAP machines, VitalSleep works completely inside your mouth for a non-invasive solution. And there’s no annoying hoses or face gear involved.

My wife chose VitalSleep after researching various stop-snoring devices because of the affordable price and flexibility to mold it at home. For $69, it was worth trying before considering pricey custom-made alternatives.

How We Found Out About VitalSleep

After nearly 10 years married to my wife, I was shocked she didn’t smother me in my sleep due to her deafening nighttime snoring! No matter how many pillows I shoved around her face, as soon as she drifted off the roaring snores would start.

The cycles of snorts and gasps also terrified me. I realized she was probably stopping breathing altogether several times an hour – a telltale sign of sleep apnea.

We knew something had to change for both our sanity and her health. She was always exhausted during the day no matter how long she slept. That’s when we started seriously researching sleep apnea solutions. 

CPAP devices seemed bulky and difficult to manage long-term. Many reviews complained about mask discomfort and headaches too. But then we discovered VitalSleep as an affordable, non-invasive option with rave reviews. So we decided to give it a shot on their money back guarantee.

Trying VitalSleep Firsthand  

Ordering VitalSleep was simple on their website with just a few clicks. My wife chose the petite oral device since she has a smaller jaw. 

When it arrived, we followed the fitting instructions to gently soften the plastic in hot water. Then she carefully molded the material in her mouth as it cooled so the custom shape solidified properly around her teeth. 

The first night with VitalSleep was a game-changer! As promised, her loud gasping snorts were reduced drastically. I finally got some decent sleep next to her for once! She did report some initial jaw soreness adjusting to the device which I expected. But she stuck with it based on all the positive reviews mentioning an adjustment period.

After about 1 week nightly use, she no longer woke up with that residual morning jaw tension. Now VitalSleep stays securely and comfortably in place all night doing its job to keep her airway open.

VitalSleep Benefits & Features

Here are some standout benefits we’ve experienced thanks to the VitalSleep device:

 • Instantly Reduces Snoring

     Those deafening snorts stopped the very first night thanks to the lower jaw positioning. So grateful!

 • Comfortable Custom Fit  

    No need for dental impressions – you mold it yourself at home for a personalized feel.

 • Non-Invasive Design

    It sits completely inside the mouth without external hoses or face gear. 

 • Allows Breathing Through Mouth Or Nose

    VitalSleep leaves nasal airways open, unlike nasal devices. Great for people like my wife who prefer breathing through their mouth while sleeping.

Additional features we like about VitalSleep:

➢ BPA and Latex Free Materials  

➢ Affordable Price Point – just $69 per appliance

➢ Ability To Adjust Jaw Positioning  

➢ Portable Storage Case For Traveling  

➢ 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Considering the inexpensive price compared to custom-made oral devices or CPAP machines, VitalSleep offers great value too.

Does VitalSleep Work? Our Experience

In my honest opinion – YES! VitalSleep absolutely makes a life-changing difference for stopping problematic snoring and preventing sleep apnea.

Not only did those deafening nighttime snorts permanently stop, but my wife looks so much brighter and rested during the day. That chronic exhaustion from constant sleep disruptions melted away within about 2 weeks use.

I don’t toss and turn next her all night either worrying if she’s stopped breathing altogether. We both achieve much deeper, restorative sleep thanks to reliable comfort of VitalSleep keeping her airway open.

For such a simple oral concept, I’m blown away by the incredible improvements in her sleep. My wife relied on sleeping pills for years and still felt drowsy all day managing her retail store job. Now she has energy to spare chasing after the grandkids too!  

And all those years wondering if divorce was inevitable due to sleep deprivation – what a waste. If only we discovered VitalSleep sooner!  

Potential Drawbacks to Consider

No anti-snoring product is 100% perfect. We did experience a few minor drawbacks when my wife first started wearing VitalSleep.

➢ Initial Jaw Soreness When Adjusting  

    Tenderness subsided after about 1 week nightly use.    

➢ Occasional Nighttime Removal  

    A few times she unconsciously removed it in her sleep. But became a non-issue once accustomed to the feel.  

➢ Not a Solution for Severe Sleep Apnea Cases  

    Check with your doctor if you have dangerously low blood oxygen levels that may require CPAP instead.  

Despite these short-term challenges, the pros drastically outweigh the cons. The inexpensive investment brought immediate snoring relief and lasting apnea prevention.

We wasted too many years suffering from perpetual exhaustion thanks to untreated sleep apnea. Don’t make the same mistake – talk to your doctor and try VitalSleep today!

Where Can I Get VitalSleep?  

Always order medical anti-snoring devices direct from the manufacturer. That guarantees receiving the legitimate, FDA-cleared VitalSleep appliance. 

VitalSleep offers free shipping and discounts for bulk orders to outfit the whole family. Click here to visit and select the proper size for your needs. 

All packages also come with a 30-day money back guarantee. So there’s no risk giving VitalSleep a try as an affordable sleep apnea solution.

Final Verdict: Highly Recommend for Snoring & Mild Sleep Apnea  

Thousands of users report life-changing results similar to my wife’s experience. Ditch the CPAP and finally get restful sleep again!

Based on radically improving my sleep quality and relationship plus my wife’s restored daytime energy, I couldn’t recommend VitalSleep more. Don’t keep suffering through those exhausting apnea episodes every night. 

This simple mouthpiece could transform your sleep as quickly as it did for us. VitalSleep worked medical wonders that you shouldn’t go another night without!

Overall Rating


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