Krill Oil Plus Reviews-2023

Krill Oil Plus Reviews
Krill Oil Plus Reviews

Having a family history of heart disease, I’ve always been concerned about my heart health. When I turned 40 last year and went in for my annual physical, my doctor warned that my cholesterol was creeping up. He suggested I make diet changes and start a fish oil supplement. 

I’ve tried fish oil before but have yet to notice any benefits. And swallowing huge fish oil pills grosses me out! This time, I decided to do some research to find a better omega-3 supplement option. That’s when I came across Krill Oil Plus.

What Makes Krill Oil Plus Unique?

Krill oil is extracted from tiny shrimp-like crustaceans called Antarctic krill. These krill feed on phytoplankton, and their oil naturally contains the antioxidant astaxanthin, which gives krill and some seafood like salmon their reddish-pink hue. 

Unlike fish oil, the omega-3s in krill oil are attached to phospholipids rather than triglycerides. This allows the fatty acids to enter cells more quickly and efficiently, supporting the heart, joints, skin, brain, and overall health.

The Krill Oil Plus brand also contains higher potency omega-3s per capsule than typical krill oil supplements. Their capsules have no fishy taste or repeat, which I find appealing.

Why I’m Reviewing Krill Oil Plus

With so many krill oil brands on the market, choosing a quality supplement that delivers results can take time and effort. After researching, I selected Krill Oil Plus because of its reputation and higher potency formula. 

I’m writing this krill oil plus review after taking it daily for 3 months. I’ll share my experience on the benefits I’ve noticed and vital information to help you determine if Krill Oil Plus suits you too!

What is Krill Oil Plus? Brand & Background

Krill Oil Plus is made by Zhou Nutrition, a reputable supplement company known for its commitment to product quality, purity testing, and use of sustainable ingredients. 

Their Antarctic krill oil plus formula packs more omega-3s per capsule with better absorption than regular krill oil. It’s also free of fillers, allergens, and synthetic ingredients.

I chose the Krill Oil Plus brand for these reasons and because Zhou Nutrition pledges support to organizations focused on ocean conservation. As a scuba diving enthusiast, this commitment to sustainability is essential to me, too!

5 Benefits I’ve Experienced Taking Krill Oil Plus

Over the past few months, I’ve noticed the advantages of adding krill oil plus supplements to my daily self-care ritual. Here are 5 of the top benefits I’ve experienced:

1. Supports a Healthy Heart

Since heart health is my main concern, I’m thrilled that my recent cholesterol test showed a 10-point drop in LDL (bad cholesterol) and a slight boost to HDL (good cholesterol) after 3 months on krill oil plus! 

My blood pressure has also improved, consistently measuring around 118/78. I credit these heart perks to krill oil’s omega-3 ability to reduce inflammation, improve blood flow, and boost good cholesterol.

2. Eases Achy Joints 

As an avid runner, my knees and ankles tend to ache. But about 6 weeks after starting krill oil plus, I realized my usual soreness wasn’t happening after runs anymore. This joint relief tells me the omega-3s are working to ease inflammation. 

3. Supports Brain Health & Cognition

Another plus I’ve noticed is feeling generally sharper mentally with improved focus at work. Krill oil’s anti-inflammatory powers appear to translate to brain benefits, too. I no longer feel that afternoon brain fatigue and have difficulty recalling details.

4. Healthier Skin, Hair & Nails

I swear my hair and nails are growing faster now! And my skin overall appears smoother and youthful. These beauty perks likely stem from krill oil’s omega-3s and antioxidant content, which help hydrate skin and reduce visible signs of ageing. 

5. Boosts Overall Mood & Energy 

I generally feel better on krill oil with a lifted mood and energy levels. The omega-3 EPA is known to help moderate mood, which explains why I feel less stressed and down. My sleep quality has improved, translating to more consistent energy throughout my day.

Krill Oil Plus Ingredients 

Now that you know the many perks I’ve enjoyed, let’s look at what sets Krill Oil Plus apart ingredient-wise from typical krill oil supplements:

Antarctic Krill Oil – 1000mg per serving 

Sourced from pristine Antarctic waters using eco-friendly harvesting. Provides more EPA and DHA omega-3s per capsule.

phospholipid-bound omega-3s  

Attaches fatty acids to phospholipids for enhanced bioavailability compared to fish and regular krill oils.  

● Astaxanthin – 150mcg

A potent antioxidant that helps defend cells from free radical damage and inflammation while enhancing the absorption of fatty acids.

● Choline 

An essential nutrient that supports brain, liver and nervous system health.

Vitamin E

A fat-soluble antioxidant that works synergistically with astaxanthin.  

Hypromellose Capsules  

Vegetable-based capsules are preferred over gelatin capsules by vegetarians and vegans.

Does Krill Oil Plus Deliver Results?

Between my personal experience and the many positive reviews of Krill Oil Plus from other satisfied customers, the answer is a resounding YES! 

Thousands of customers report krill oil which effectively supports heart health, eases joint discomfort, enhances skin and nails, sharpens cognition and lifts mood levels. 

These rave reviews provide convincing evidence that Krill Oil Plus works as advertised to deliver meaningful health and wellness advantages.

How To Use Krill Oil Plus

One of the things I appreciate about Krill Oil Plus is its convenience. Adding this supplement to my routine was super easy, with just one small daily capsule. 

The manufacturer recommends taking krill oil plus with a meal that contains fat or omega oils (like avocado, nuts, olive oil, etc.) because this aids the absorption of the fatty acids. 

I sometimes take a second capsule on active days for an added boost. But one per day is generally all I need to reap the benefits. No uncomfortable fishy aftertaste or repeat like with some omega supplements either.

Krill Oil Plus Customer Reviews 

Beyond my excellent experience, Krill Oil Plus’ customer feedback is overwhelmingly positive. Here are excerpts from a few recent reviews that capture commonly reported benefits:

  • “My arthritis symptoms have improved dramatically after two months of use of krill oil plus! I’m walking 3 miles daily now with minimal joint pain.” – Marissa A.
  • “I’ve been taking krill oil plus for 6 months, and my chronic plaque psoriasis is clearing up for the first time in years! My skin looks so much better, almost normal again. Incredible!” – Daniel T. 
  • “I started Krill Oil Plus just 5 weeks ago. Already noticing smoother skin, fewer breakouts, stronger nails and shinier hair. Pleasantly surprised as I bought it for my high cholesterol.“ – Leanne C.

With thousands of glowing reviews like these, it’s clear that Krill Oil Plus is helping people gain meaningful improvements in target health areas like heart, skin, joints and beyond.

Buyer’s Guide: Is Krill Oil Plus Right For Me?

Krill Oil Plus is a smart choice if you’re looking for an effective omega-3 supplement to support any of the following:

  • heart health & cholesterol levels
  • joint, knee or arthritis discomfort 
  • skin, hair and nail health
  • liver health and function
  • eye health and vision acuity  
  • cognition, focus and memory  
  • overall vitality, moods and sleep

With so many benefits, most healthy adults over 18 can benefit from adding krill oil to their daily regimen. It’s also gentle on the stomach compared to some fish oil supplements

However, there are a few cases where something other than krill oil may be advisable. Let’s explore those next.

Contraindications: Who Should Not Take Krill Oil Plus?

While krill oil is typically very well tolerated, there are a small number of exception cases which may warrant avoiding krill oil until cleared by your doctor:

Allergy to seafood – Though rare, a few people have experienced allergic reactions believed to be linked to sensitivity to krill sources. Discontinue use if any hypersensitivity reaction occurs.

Blood thinning medications – Krill oil poses a mild anti-coagulant effect, so it shouldn’t be combined with blood-thinning drugs like Warfarin without medical guidance. 

Upcoming surgery – Stop krill oil supplements 1-2 weeks before any scheduled surgery since the mild blood thinning effects could increase bleeding risks.

Additionally, children under 18, pregnant/nursing women and those with liver disorders should consult their physician before using krill oil plus or any supplement. 

Common Questions about Krill Oil Plus

Deciding whether to add any new supplement always sparked some questions. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about krill oil plus:

Q. Do you need to refrigerate krill oil plus capsules?

A. No, Zhou Nutrition’s formula stays stable at room temp, so no refrigeration is required.

Q. Is there any fishy aftertaste?  

A. No, the hypromellose vegetable capsules eliminate any repeat or fishy flavor.

Q. How should krill oil plus be stored?

A. store the bottle away from direct heat/moisture in a cool, dark place like a kitchen cabinet.

Q. Can krill oil plus go bad or expire?

A. always check the bottle’s expiration date and discard any expired product. Shelf life varies but to 2 years.

Q. Is krill oil plus safe for kids or during pregnancy? 

A. Children under 18 should consult a doctor before use. Not advised for pregnant or nursing women unless approved by a physician.

Hopefully, these commonly asked questions about using krill oil have been helpful! Still have more questions? Be sure to contact Zhou Nutrition’s helpful customer support team.

Final Thoughts: I Recommend Trying Krill Oil Plus!

The better absorption advantage of krill oil makes it superior to regular fish oil. Krill Oil Plus stands above other brands for delivering the highest omega-3 potency and antioxidant astaxanthin.

The results speak for me – improved cholesterol, joint comfort, mental clarity, and mood prove this formula works! 

While quality krill oil supplements may cost a bit more than some fish oils, krill oil plus is worth the investment. I’ll keep taking it as part of my long-term health strategy.

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